This will now be dealt with by the Minister of Education, and the opinions of the deputies are divided.

The lower house of the parliament of Tajikistan on October 1 supported the amendments proposed by the government of the country to the laws of the republic "On local government bodies" and "On education".

According to the adopted amendments to the aforementioned laws, henceforth, the heads of education departments of regions, cities and districts of Tajikistan will be appointed by the Minister of Education and Science of the country, and not by the heads of local Hukumats.

Speaking on this issue, the First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Tajikistan, Muhammaddovud Salomiyon, said that the educational department, when appointing the heads of regional, city and district departments of education, will coordinate candidates with the heads of local administrations.

According to him, since 2014, heads of local hukumats have been appointed heads of the public education department.

Deputy Saidjafar Usmonzoda said that this amendment - the appointment of heads of local education departments by the ministry - on the contrary, could lead to an increase in corruption in this area.