The Central Commission for Elections and Referenda (CCER) yesterday announced the final results of the presidential elections that took place in Tajikistan yesterday.  Emomali Rahmon has secured a fifth term in office with his best electoral performance to date.

The CCER said Emomali Rahmon won with 90.92 percent (3,853,987 votes) of the vote and thereby secured himself the right to remain in office until at least 2027.   

That is well above the 83.6 percent he got in 2013.

His four opponents collectively garnered 7.82 percent of the 4,238,839 votes cast. Turnout was 85.44 percent of registered voters.  

The leader of the Communist Party of Tajikistan (CPT) Miroj Abdulloyev reportedly garnered 1.17 percent (49,535) of the vote. 

The leader of the Socialist Party of Tajikistan (SPT) Abduhalim Ghafforzoda garnered 1.49 percent (63,082) of the vote.

The leader of the Party of Economic Reforms of Tajikistan (PERT) Rustam Rahmatzoda garnered 2.14 percent (90,918) of the vote.  

The leader of the Agrarian Party of Tajikistan (APT) Rustam Latifzoda garnered 3.02 percent (128,182) of the vote.