President Emomali Rahmon today congratulated Tajik police on their professional holiday, according to the Tajik president’s official website.   

In his message of congratulations, the head of state, in particular, expressed gratitude to police officers for their contribution to creation of democratic, rule-of-law and secular state in Tajikistan.  

On the occasion of a Tajik Militsiya Day, which is marked in Tajikistan on November 10, a number of sports activities were held among police officers across the country.   

In Tajikistan, law enforcement is primarily the responsibility of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which controls the police force.  It is split up into multiple departments, each led by an officer, including the Tajik Internal Troops.

As of January 2018, Tajikistan is one of the four former Soviet republics (along with Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Belarus), where militsiya has not been renamed the police.

The date of Militsiya Day in Tajikistan has changed several times.  During the Soviet times, Tajikistan celebrated the Day of the Soviet Militia on November 10 alongside the rest of the Soviet republics.  Following the proclamation of the independence of Tajikistan, Militsiya Day was being celebrated on February 6 until 2011 to commemorate the anniversary of the formation of the Dushanbe militsiya.  However, this decision was disliked by many veterans and it was decided to return to the original date in 2011.