Chairman of Jaihun district in Khatlon province, Abdulhofiz Odinazoda, told reports on July 28 that construction of a camp for Afghan citizens seeking refuge has begun in the district.  

“A land plot of 2.24 hectares has been allotted for construction of the refugee camp in Panj jamoat of the district,” Odinazoda said, noting that the interior ministry deals with the construction of the camp. 

He also noted that the current situation along the border with Afghanistan is clam. 

Chairman of Khatlon’s Panj district, which also borders Afghanistan, Zarifkhouja Shohiyon, also says that the current situation along the border with Afghanistan is calm.

“Panj district has a 56-kilometer with Afghanistan.  The situation in in Afghanistan has deteriorated in recent months and battles re being waged there.  However, no cases of Afghans crossing into our territory have been reported,” Panj district head noted.  

At the same time, he noted, “We have registered 1,000 reserve soldiers and officers, and in case of necessity, they are ready to stand up for our state border.” 

Recall, Tajikistan has said it is ready to shelter up to 100,000 refugees from neighboring Afghanistan amid increasing security concerns in Central Asia over the fallout of the Taliban's territorial gains in the northern part of the war-torn country.

Emomali Ibrohimzoda, the first deputy chief of the Emergencies Committee under the Government of Tajikistan, said on July 23 that if the number of Afghan refugees exceeds that number, Dushanbe will turn to international groups for help.  Ibrohimzoda added that the construction of two large food depots has started in the southern region of Khatlon as part of preparations for the possible influx of refugees.

According to Ibrohimzoda, 11 flights were organized in recent days to repatriate 1,600 Afghan citizens who entered Tajikistan to flee military clashes between Afghan government forces and Taliban militants.