As part o his working trip to Khatlon province, President Emomali Rahmon yesterday visited the city of Kulob, where he inaugurated a number economic and social facilities and attended a festive event dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Tajikistan’s Independence, the Tajik president’s official website said.

Speaking at the event, Rahmon noted that during the years of independence, more than 62 billion somonis (TJS) had been allocated from all funding sources to ensure sustainable development of Khatlon’s economy and improve the livelihood of the province population.   .

The head of state noted that more than 80 national projects in a total amount of 15 billion somonis had been implemented in the province over the years of independence and 39 other projects were currently being implemented in Khatlon.   To-date, 5.8 billion somonis has been utilized within the framework of these 39 projects, Rahmon said. 

Besides, more than 18.9 billion somoni direct investments have been attracted in Khatlon province over the years of independence, including 11.1 billion somonis in a form of foreign direct investment and 7.8 billon somonis in a form of direct internal investment, the president noted.  

Rahmon further added that 345 projects in a total amount of 7.4 billion somonis are expected to be implemented in Khatlon during 2021-2025.