President Emomali Rahmon signed the RT Law “On the National Budget for 2022” on November 30. 

Recall, Tajikistan’s lower house (Majlisi Namoyandagon) of parliament approved the state budget for 2022 on November 24.

Its revenue part is projected to stand at 33 billion somonis, which is 5.3 billion somonis more (19.4 percent increase) compared to the revenue part of the budget for 2021.

The expenditure part of the 2022 budget is projected to sand at 33.6 billion somonis, which is 600 million somonis more than the approved expenditures of the country’s budget for 2021, the minister noted   

The budget reportedly indicators reflect the economic and social development of the country.  Social spending will account for 43.8% of budget allocations, with nearly 15 percent earmarked for public education alone.

Tax and non-tax receipts are reportedly expected to stand at 21.9 billion somonis 18.8 billion somonis, which is about 70 percent of the overall volume of the revenues, receipts from special funds of federally funded institutions – 2.5 billion somonis, receipts from national investment projects – 7.9 billion somonis, and receipts from attraction of budget support grants – 665 million somonis.

In 2022, 6.3 billion somonis is expected to be spent on the education sector (592 million somonis more compared to this year’s budget). 

The budget earmarks 2.3 billion somonis for the health sector.

The budget projects expenditure of 2.9 billion somonis in the public health sphere. 

1.2 billion somonis is expected to be spent on the sports and culture sector 

The budget earmarks 4.3 billion somonis for the social insurance and social protection.