Tajikistan is expected to evacuate from Poland its nationals who have moved there from Ukraine.

Tajikistan Ambassador to Germany Imomuddin Sattorov told Asia-Plus in an interview Wednesday afternoon that Tajikistan has planned two flights on March 10 and March 11 to evacuate from Poland its nationals who have moved there from Ukraine. 

Tajik Ambassador to Germany Imomuddin Sattorov

“According to the latest data, more than 350 Tajik nationals, who have moved to Poland from Ukraine, want to return to Tajikistan.  Among them are women, children, elderly people and students.  They will be carried to Tajikistan free of charge,” Ambassador Sattorov said.  

He further noted that “those citizens who want to stay in European countries must issue their documents at the request of these countries within 30 days."   

According to Sattorov, the government has instructed Tajikistan’s embassies in Germany, Austria and Ukraine to draw up lists of Tajik citizens staying in Ukraine and those who have moved from there to Poland for their return to the homeland.  

Tajikistan Ambassador to Ukraine Davlat Nazrizoda had earlier told Asia-Plus that about 4,000 Tajik nationals live in Ukraine.

Tajik Ambassador to Ukriane Davlat Nazrizoda

“Most Tajiks living in Ukraine are labor migrants working in the agrarian and construction sectors as well as in commerce,” Ambassador Nazrizoda told Asia-Plus on February 28.

“A total number of Tajik students studying in Ukraine is 101 people.  They are studying at universities in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepr, Poltava and some other cities,” Ambassador Nazrizoda added.