As part of his working visit to Khatlon province, President Emomali Rahmon yesterday visited frontier posts Sari Ghor and Yol in Shamsiddin-Shohin district, according to the Tajik president’s official website. 

The purpose of the visit was for the president to get acquainted with living conditions and terms of service of the border guards.  

Rahmon reportedly addressed the border guards on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the formation of the border troops of Tajikistan. 

In his address, the head of state, in particular, touched upon the issues related to the current situation in the world and growing security threats.

He reportedly called on soldiers and officers to conscientiously perform their duties and be politically vigilant. 

Rahmon also visited the site for construction of the border guard training center of the Committee for National Security (SCNS) in Shamsiddin-Shohin district.  

Yesterday afternoon, Rahmon arrived in Panjob jamoat in Hamadoni district to get acquainted with targeted use of farmlands by Toj Agro Limited Liability Company.     

The company has 70 hectares of irrigated lands and they have rationally used each piece of land, planting different crops, the Tajik president’s official website says.