The Government of Tajikistan has endorsed the Roghun tourism zone development program designed for 2024-2028.  About 18 million somonis (equivalent to 1.7 million US dollars) are needed for implementation of this program.  

The program authors note that Roghun is a developing industrial and tourist city and with the full introduction of the Roghun hydroelectric power plant (HPP) into operation the city will get more opportunities for development of its tourism sector.  

The estimated budget for implementation of the Roghun tourism zone development program is about 18 million somonis, including 795,000 somonis from the national budget, more than 1.8 million somonis from local budget and about 15 million somonis from the public-private partnership (PPP) funding.

The Government of Tajikistan issued a decree on the establishment of the Roghun tourism zone  on August 31, 2022

The Roghun authorities jointly with the Tourism Development Committee under the Government of Tajikistan and other relevant agencies were instructed to develop the Roghun tourism zone development program by 2023.     

photo / Asia-Plus

Roghun is a city in eastern Tajikistan. The city was the seat of the former Roghun district, and is part of the Districts Subordinate to the Center (RRP).  According to Wikipedia, its population is estimated at 14,900 for the city proper and 44,100 for the city with the outlying communities (2020).

Before 2018, Roghun was the seat of Roghun district, which covered the rural part of the present city of Roghun.  The city of Roghun covers Roghun proper, the town of Obigarm and two jamoats Qadiob and Sicharogh. 

Roghun has a continental Mediterranean climate and experiences wet and cold winters with dry cool summers.  The hottest month is July with an average temperature of 20.7°C and the coldest month is January with an average temperature of −5.5°C.  

The Roghun tourism zone development program notes that there are 41 beautiful mountain peaks, 150 natural springs, 11 clean rivers and four freshwater lakes in rural parts subordinate the city.  

It also says that there are more than 30 attractive tourist sites, including the reservoir powering the Roghun HPP, located in the areas subordinated to the city of Roghun.