A state-run institution for coordination and management of international financial aid being set up in Tajikistan.

The institution, officially called as the Center for Implementation of Digital Basics Projects, is being set up at the President’s Executive Office.

An appropriate decree on the establishment of this institution was signed by the president on September 13, 2023.  

According to the Center’s Charter, its main tasks include:


- Coordination and effective management of grant and loan projects offered by international financial institutions and coordination of them with relevant ministries and agencies, local authorities and financial institutions.

- Conducting tenders and other contests in accordance with in investors’ requirements and Tajikistan’s legislation.

- Coordination and provision of working conditions for experts, international and national consultants on development and implementation of grant and loan protjects of international financial institutions. 

- Carrying out other activities, not prohibited by law and necessary to solve the tasks assigned to the Center.


In its financial and economic activities, the new institution reports to the President’s Executive Office and international financial institutions.  

The Center’s main sources of funding include: national budget; grants of international financial institutions  provided for implementation of the digital basics project; grants and loans provided by foreign countries, international organizations and bilateral creditors for implementation of the projects; others sources, which are not prohibited by the country’s legislation.