Prime Minister Qohir Rasoulzoda paid a working visit to Khatlon province on October 3.  The purpose of the visit was for the prime minister was to get acquainted with the social and economic situation in the area.

The Khatlon regional administration’s press center says the prime minister inaugurated a number of administrative and social facilities in the province.  

Thus, Rasoulzoda inaugurated a new building of the office of the State Committee for Land Management and Geodesy in Khuroson district and two school buildings in the district.  

The prime minister also got acquainted with activities of farming units Abdusoleh and Hojidavlat in Khuroson district.

Besides, the prime minister attended official opening ceremonies of Vatan and Boshidan hotels in Khatlon’s capital, Bokhtar.  

He reportedly also got acquainted with the progress of cotton harvesting campaign in the farming unit named after N. Begov.  This is one of the largest farming units in Khatlon province.