The Tajik president’s official website says the field of craftsmanship in the country is developing year by year under the special attention of President Emomali Rahmon, who is also Head of the Government of Tajikistan.

Recall, President Emomali Rahmon on January 3, 2019 signed a decree on declaring the years 2019-2021 the Years of Development of Rural Areas, Tourism and Folk Crafts in Tajikistan.

The decree aims at speeding up the development of rural areas, tourism and supporting folk crafts in the country.

Besides, the Government approved in 2020 the Program for the development of folk crafts in Tajikistan for 2021-2025 for the purpose of revival and development of national and modern arts and crafts, strengthening of the national cultural heritage and historical traditions of folk arts and crafts training among the people, comprehensive attracting and motivating the population to produce folk arts and crafts products, forming and supporting craft activities as a means of expanding productive employment, especially for the vulnerable sections of the population.

During this period, 47 centers of national and modern crafts have been established at the state educational institutions of adult, primary and secondary vocational education, and in order to encourage artisans and develop handicrafts, sales, performance and service of 108 types of activities of individual entrepreneurs on the production of goods for the needs of people in the house was exempted from paying all taxes.

In this regard, the Government has issued the decree  on presidential grant to support artisans and the development of craftsmanship in 2024-2026.

Under this decree, a total of 60 grants of the President of Tajikistan will be established in 2024-2026 for the support of artisans and the development of craftsmanship in a total amount of 1,500,000 somonis (each grant equals 25,000 somonis, including: 20 grants in a total amount of 500,000 in 2024; 20 grants in a total amount of 500,000 somonis in 2025; and 20 grants in a total amount of 500,000 somonis in 2026.   

The Tajik president’s official website notes that with the view of high-quality and transparent implementation of this decree, a competent Commission has been established under the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment of the Population (MoLME) of Tajikistan.  This Commission will allocate grants to those artisans whose proposed projects are aimed at the development of handicraft activities, achieving significant results in the areas of craftsmanship, mastering of arts and crafts, innovation and initiative in the revival of folk crafts, training and education of apprentices, and the establishment of an art school.