DUSHANBE, March 25, 2011, Asia-Plus -- Officers and managers from border, customs and drug control agencies in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia and Tajikistan successfully completed a one-month Senior Staff course on border security and management at the OSCE Border Management Staff College (BMSC) on March 25, the OSCE office in Tajikistan reported.

Twenty-nine officials were trained in law enforcement, economic and environmental aspects of border security, as well as human rights issues related to border security and migration.  The training program is based on the OSCE comprehensive approach to security and is part of the Organization’s border security and management concept.

"This course is a unique opportunity for all OSCE States to improve their border controls, not just in terms of physical security but to ensure that their borders facilitate trade and the flow of people and information," said Alain Scolan, the BMSC Principal.

Course participant Mohammad Masoud Qureishi from the Afghan Customs agency said: “This was a unique opportunity to meet each other, share views and expertise, and expand our knowledge based on the best practices. This will be very useful for our professional activities in the future."

Aziz Dolosbayev from Kyrgyzstan’s Ministry of Interior added: “I have participated in a number of training courses, but the BMSC Staff Course is the only one which covers all aspects of border security and management.”

Representatives of embassies and international organizations, partners and affiliates to the College, as well as representatives of national governmental bodies, attended the ceremony marking the end of the course.

In addition to the Staff Course, the OSCE Border Management Staff College offers related courses throughout the year.  Since the launch of training programs in May 2009, 310 senior officials from border, customs and police agencies, coming from 21 countries, have completed these courses.