DUSHANBE, April 8, 2011, Asia-Plus -- Police incinerated 1,127 kilograms of narcotics in a special furnace in Dushanbe on April 8.

According to the Ministry of Interior (MoI), a totaled included 825 kilograms of cannabis, 286 kilograms of heroin and 20 kilograms of raw opium.  The drugs were reportedly confiscated in the course of 2010-2011.

“The incinerated drugs were material evidences in 122 criminal proceedings instituted against 168 drug pushers, including six foreigners, the source at a MoI said.

Last year, Tajik law enforcement authorities reportedly seized some 4,000 kilograms of narcotics and the MoI accounted for 60 percent (2,215 kilograms) of the overall amount of narcotics seized in the country in 2010.