DUSHANBE, September 19, 2011, Asia-Plus -- “It is not the first time Russian officials have stated that terrorist will spread their actions to the Central Asian region after NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan,” Tajik journalist Nourali Davlatov said, commenting on an interview of Russia’s Ambassador to NATO with Le Figaro regarding the possible effects of the NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“If Mr. Rogozin is so seriously concerned over the post-NATO Afghanistan, let Russia bring its troops into Afghanistan to help the western coalition and destroy the Taliban by joint efforts,” said Davlatov, “While it is not late.  Until NATO troops are withdrawn from there.”

Tajik journalist believes “the problem of providing regional security exists only within Afghanistan itself, and therefore, it must be tackled there.”

“Many of the United States’ NATO allies will leave Afghanistan, but the United States will profit from that,” said Davlatov, “Ten years ago, the White House needed them just to show the international community that international coalition entered Afghanistan; otherwise introduction of the U.S. troops into Afghanistan would be considered as aggression.”

He considers that presence of many countries in Afghanistan is purely nominal and “practically nothing depends on them.”

According to Davlatov, the “divide and rule” principle works in Afghanistan very good.   “The White House may come to an agreement with all confronting forces in Afghanistan, even with the Taliban,” said Tajik journalist.  “Americans will do the darndest to keep their influence in Afghanistan.”

“In my opinion, by his warnings Mr. Rogozin just wants to urge the Central Asian governments to apply to Russia for military assistance; in other words, he intimidates them,” the expert added.

We will recall that Russia’s Ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said in an interview with Le Figaro that after withdrawal of antiterrorist coalition forces from Afghanistan international terrorists would spread their actions to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.  “NATO set itself the task and it must implement it,” said Rogozin, “We do not want NATO to leave us face to face with jackals of war.  After the NATO withdrawal they will spread to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and this will become our problem.”