DUSHANBE, January 11, 2012, Asia-Plus  -- Tajikistan’s Agency for State Financial Control and Combating Corruption  has helped break up transnational drug-trafficking ring and more than 42 kilograms of narcotics have been seized.

According to the Tajik law enforcement authorities, members of this ring came into the spotlight last year during transporting a consignment of narcotics to Kazakhstan.  An operation by Kazakh law enforcement authorities led to the arrest of one of members of the ring, while the ringleader and the remaining members of the ring managed to escape.   International warrants have been issued for their arrest.

Six-month search operation for members of this drug-trafficking have been fruitless and officers from the Tajik anticorruption agency have joined the operation at the request of the Kazakh law enforcement authorities, the source said.  According to him, they have determined whereabouts of the ring members in several days.

The ringleader and one of the ring members were arrested in Dushanbe last week and more than 42 kilograms of narcotics, including 9 kilograms of heroin and more than 33 kilograms of raw opium were found in an apartment they rented in Dushanbe,” the source said.