The Federal Security Service of Russia reported the detention of four suspects who were preparing a series of bombings in Moscow. They were going to commit terrorist attacks in transport and shopping centers.

One of the detainees is a Russian citizen, the other three are from the Central Asian countries. According to the FSB, two suicide bombers, an explosive device maker and an emissary of the “Islamic State” terrorist organization, participated in the preparation of the terrorist attacks. 

As reported by "Medusa", the Lefortovo Court of Moscow received a petition for the arrest of three suspects. Their names are Davlater Khodzhiev, Davronzod Sievushi and Sulaimon Burkhonov. The name of the fourth detainee is not called by the FSB. Is there any among the detained citizens of Tajikistan, yet not reported.

In the Moscow region, as reported by the FSB, the laboratory for manufacturing improvised explosive devices was liquidated.

"In the course of primary investigative and operational actions it was established that the terrorist acts that were prepared were organized by the leaders and emissaries of the ITO" Islamic State ", located in Syria, Including those on the international wanted list: Nazarov and Shirinjonov – the head of the ISIS demolition school, the FSB reports.

At the end of July, the FSB reported the detention of seven people from Central Asia who were preparing terrorist attacks in St. Petersburg.

April 3, 2017 in St. Petersburg there was an explosion in the subway. Victims of the terrorist attack were 15 people. During the investigation, 10 people were detained. The organizers of the terrorist act the investigation considers the brothers Abror and Akram Asimov. They claim that they were tortured after being detained.