President Emomali Rahmon has called on law enforcement agencies to take concerted and efficient actions against terrorism.  

President’s call came during an address to a joint meeting of both chambers of parliament that took place on December 26. 

“As you know several members of the Islamic State (IS) terror group attacked the “Ishqobod” border post and killed border guards.  The relevant bodies must put obstacles in the way of propagation of religious extremism.  The main condition for the victory over terrorism is concerted and efficient actions of the law enforcement agencies,” Emomali Rahmon said.  

The head of state also ordered relevant bodies to review the country’s law on combating terrorism. “The RT Law “On Combating Terrorism” was adopted in 1999 and it needs to be further developed,” Rahmon said. 

Recall, a deadly attack on the “Ishqobod” border post in the Roudaki district took place on November 6. According to statements from officials, 20 Islamic State (IS) militants entered Tajikistan from neighboring Afghanistan and attacked the border post, of whom 15 were killed and five were captured.  The officials also said that a police officer and a border guard were killed in the clashes.

However, sources in Dushanbe later said that at least five other border guards were killed in the attack.

Meanwhile, representative of the State Committee for National Security (SCNS), Muhammad Sattarov, noted on November 25 at a conference in Dushanbe on November 25 that nine men, 11 women, and 13 children between the ages of 4 years and 15 years were among the attackers on a border post near Tajik-Uzbek border in the Roudaki district.