He said that the local draft commissions have enough opportunities to draft only educated and healthy guys into the army.

The Minister of Defense of Tajikistan, Colonel-General Sherali Mirzo held a working meeting with the military commissars of districts, cities, regions of the country, at which the issues of organizing the autumn draft to the army starting on October 1 were considered, said the press secretary of the country's defense department Faridun Mahmadalizoda.

The Minister set before the audience specific tasks for organizing the appeal of youth strictly within the framework of the country's legislation.

In particular, Sherali Mirzo instructed the military commissars of the regions to organize the reception of citizens of the country in order to avoid appeals by the parents of conscripts to the republican structures on issues that can be resolved directly on the ground..

According to Mahmadalizoda, the head of the country's defense department demanded that the military commissars not create "problems" when organizing conscription. 

The Minister emphasized that the number of conscripts is many times greater than the need of the country's Armed Forces, and this makes it possible to recruit only educated and healthy recruits into the ranks of the national army.