By the end of October 1, the districts of Rasht, Lakhsh, Sangvor, Tojikabad and Nurabad reported on the implementation of the plan for the autumn conscription into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Tajikistan.

Almost all conscripts arrived at the military commissariats of the above-named areas voluntarily, said a source in the Ministry of Defense of Tajikistan.

What was the plan-order for these areas - not reported.

In the autumn season, which began on October 1, male citizens of the republic who have reached the age of 18 by the day of conscription, as well as senior conscripts who do not have the right to deferment or exemption from military service will be called up for military service in the army..

According to the Ministry of Defense, the ranks of the Armed Forces of Tajikistan are annually replenished by about 15-16 thousand people.