70 newly-fledged warrant officers have joined the Tajik national army, according to the Ministry of Defense (MoD).

A source at a MoD says an official ceremony of handing over certificates to 70 graduates took place at the Warrant Officers’ Training School in Dushanbe this week.

They have been sent for service to military units across the country, the source added.

This is already the 15th graduation from the Warrant Officers’ Training.

Recall, the Warrant Officers’ Training School officially opened in Dushanbe in February 2014.

The Warrant Officers’ Training School reportedly provides training to become a warrant officer in the Tajik Army in the following military specialties: company sergeant major; armored vehicle shooter; depot officer; air mechanic; radio station officer; and anti-aircraft team commander.

Skilled specialists from the Ministry of Defense reportedly teach at the Warrant Officers’ Training School, which provides a four-month training course.