Training Center for Central Asian Rescuers that is being built in Qaratogh Gorge in Shahrinav district is expected to be commissioned in 2023, Head of the Emergencies Committee under the Government of Tajikistan, Rustam Nazarzoda, told reporters in Dushanbe on February 9. 

Initially, the Center was designed to train rescuers from Tajikistan, Central Asia’s nations and Afghanistan.

Asked whether Afghan rescuers will be trained at the Center, the Tajik top emergency official noted that Tajikistan’s Emergencies Committee had implemented a number of joint projects with the former government of Afghanistan.

“Unfortunately, the situation has changed today.  But in any case, we will build the Center and we need it,” Nazarzoda noted.

According to him, implementation of the project is conditionally divided into three phases.

During the first phase, the Emergencies Committee reportedly renovated existing facilities -- the renovation of the dormitory and cafeteria -- due to funds provided by the European Union.  They will be commissioned at the end of this month.      

As far as the second phase is concerned, the issue of allocating funds by the European Union through the OCSE Programme Office in Tajikistan is being considered.   

“As far as the third phase is concerned, it includes construction of facilities to train rescuers,” the Tajik top emergency official said, noting that the Government of Russia has provided funds for implementation of that phase.     

All works on the object (all three phases) will be completed next year, Nazarzoda added.

The Training Center will be able to stage specialized workshops for rescuers from Tajikistan and other Central Asian countries.

Holding workshops for these international participants will not only help Tajikistan's neighbors increase their own capabilities in responding to natural disasters, but also will promote regional cooperation on security.