Co-chaired by Tajik Interior Minister Ramazon Rahimzoda and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Kolokoltsev, a two day meeting of the joint board of the interior ministries of the two countries is taking place in the Tajik northern city of Guliston on June 5-6. 

The Tajik Interior Ministry’s press center says the focus was set on the migration and problems related to it.  

However, the Tajik Interior Ministry refrained from giving further details this part of the meeting and just said that the parties had discussed expansion of cooperation in combating terrorism, transnational organized crime and drug trafficking.   

They reportedly also discussed issues of jointly addressing modern threats and expanding cooperation on detention of wanted crimes, preventing crimes using technologies, including stealing e-money and financing of extremist and terrorist groups. 

They also discussed issues related to training of personnel for Tajik law enforcement agencies in the Russian Federation, according to the Tajik Interior Ministry’s official website.  

The Russian Interior Minister Kolokoltsev, heading an official delegation of the Russian Interior Ministry, arrived in Guliston on June 5.    

Recall, Tajik labor migrants working the Russian Federation have faced various types of discrimination in recent days, including unreasonable checks and detentions, beating and ill-treatment by the Russian police.