Co-chaired by Tajik Interior Minister Ramazon Rahimzoda and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Kolokoltsev, a two-day meeting of the joint board of the interior ministries of Tajikistan and Russia concluded in the Tajik northern city of Guliston yesterday.  

The Tajik Interior Ministry’s website says the meeting was resulted in signing of a number of documents providing for jointly combating transnational organized crime, terrorism and extremism, drug trafficking, as well as expanding the bilateral cooperation in the fields of operational-search activities, forensics, registration of crimes committed by citizens of both countries in territories of Tajikistan and Russia and arrests of wanted criminals. 

The parties also agreed to exchange operational information and jointly combat cybercrime with use of the state-of-the art technologies, and the theft of e-money.  

The interior ministries of Tajikistan and Russia instructed heads of relevant agencies to take steps to ensure the implementation of the reached agreements. 

After the documents signing ceremony, the ministers reportedly held a joint briefing for local and foreign journalists.     

Meanwhile, Russia’s state-run news agency TASS cited Kolokoltsev as saying that more than 270 Tajik fugitive offenders had been identified in Russia last year and over the first three months of this year.  

Russian interior minister reportedly expressed confidence that the joint board meeting will allow finding additional reserves and determine measures to improve the quality of join activities of the ministries and will give new impetus to the development of bilateral relations.