DUSHANBE, November 10, 2009, Asia-Plus  -- Power disruptions happen often across the country, which is still struggling to upgrade ageing infrastructure, the Communist Party (CPT) leader Shodi Shabdolov said in an interview with Asia-Plus.

According to him, the country’s power systems have become obsolete and rising electricity consumption in autumn-winter period causes overload of the power systems.  “Therefore, such accidents are predictable and will happen often,” the CPT leader said.

He noted that Tajikistan’s power systems have operated without for already 50 years and requires serious modernization.  “For example, in Japan and the European countries, equipment of power plants is replaced every seven years,” said Shabdolov, “Unfortunately, Tajikistan does not have such opportunities due to weak economy.”

“The national budget for 2010 earmarks 700 million somoni for enhancement of the energy sector and a certain amount of these funds will be allocated for modernization of the power systems,” said the CPT leader, “If we do not do this, our power supply problems will rise from year to year.”  He added that the government should give priority to the energy security of the country.