DUSHANBE, February 4, 20010, Asia-Plus  -- A letter by Uzbek premier to his Tajik counterpart is evidence of the fact that there are real difficulties in bilateral relations between the two countries and diametrically opposite approach to the issue of completion of the construction of the Roghun HPP is one of them, known Tajik political scientist Rashid Ghani Abdullo said in an interview with Asia-Plus.

According to him, existence of difficulties and problems in relations between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, two post-Soviet countries being at the stage of formation, strengthening and development of new national statehood, is quite natural.  Moreover, existence of various difficulties and friction in relations between two sovereign states, which are emerging on the debris of once a single country, is objectively inevitable.

Along with territories, existing border, energy and transportation infrastructures and other things unsolved problems, difficulties and conflict situations are also legacy of the former Soviet Union.  However, experience shows that friction and even conflict situations are a requirement of formation of such states.

Tajik pundit says that Uzbekistan has the right to express its concern and appeal to international community over implementation by Tajikistan of energy projects that may have negative effects on it.

“But Tajikistan, which does not have own serious energy resource and receiving them from without is becoming more and more difficult, also has the right to develop its hydropower potential because without development of this potential we do not have economic future, you know,” Mr. Rashid Ghani Abdullo said.

He considers that the only rational way to find solution to the problem is to establish equal and constructive dialogue.  Such a dialogue is possible only if the sides have more or less equal opportunities.

“Earlier, such a dialogue had been impossible, while certain preconditions are emerging today for initiating interested, calm and equal dialogue without excessive emotions,” said Mr. Rashid Ghani Abdullo, “These preconditions have not yet formed completely of course.  However, if to paraphrase known Uzbek statesman of the Soviet period Sharaf Rashidov, “Let’s do this – why not,” we can achieve anything; the two countries may start dialogue on all range of issues clouding their bilateral relations.”