DUSHANBE, February 26, 2010, Asia-Plus /Rasoul Shodon/ -- Over the past five years, outgoing parliament has adopted quite a number of amendments to the laws in force and passed many new laws; however, they are not implemented properly, Tajik political scientist Doustmuhammad Doust said in an interview with Asia-Plus.

Besides, one of essential shortcomings in Tajik parliament’s work is a simple duplication of laws of other countries, said the expert.  “Our parliamentarians have just duplicated laws of other countries, but they have not adapted them to Tajikistan’s realities,” Doust said.

According to him, the future parliament ought to set up a certain body that would control implementation of the passed laws.  “This body, first of all, must control implementation of laws in health and educational sectors and oversee at observance of laws by courts and prosecutor’s offices,” the expert said.