DUSHANBE, September 24, 2010, Asia-Plus  -- Parviz Mullojonov, coordinator of the Public Committee for Promoting Democratic Processes, considers that the situation in Tajikistan may become stable quickly if the country’s authorities carry out well-coordinated operation to liquidate illegal armed groups.

“However, the government must be careful in order to not set local population against itself,” said the expert, “Otherwise, all this may drag on for years.  People will go to mountains and conduct guerilla warfare.”

According to him, large-scale civil war does not threaten Tajikistan.  Mullojonov is sure that third forces have been involved in the recent events in Rasht.  He added that it could not be ruled out that Tajik events could become the beginning of a new period of instability in some regions of Central Asia.

Mullojonov does not agree with opinion that neighboring countries sit loose to the events in Tajikistan.  “According to Russian media, Russia expressed readiness to provide support to Tajikistan,” said he, “As far as Uzbekistan is concerned, it always keeps silence.  Kyrgyzstan has its own problems and they have not time for us and no wonder, while Kazakhstan seems not to examine the situation completely.”

Besides, Tajik authorities stated that the country was able to cope with the situation on its own, the expert noted.