QURHGON TEPPA, January 19, 2011, Asia-Plus  -- To-date, the Tajikkhimprom (chemical plant in Khatlon’s Yovon district) wage debts have reached 2.4 million somoni, Boymurod Saydaliyev, a chief specialist with the Khatlon labor and social protection inspectorate, told Asia-Plus today.

“An administrative action has been imposed on the enterprise director general Dilshod Ismatulloyev following inspection conducted at the plant, however, the problem has not be solved, and therefore, we have sent the case materials to the Khatlon prosecutor’s office,” Saydaliyev said, noting that Tajikkhimprom’s wage debts account for 68 percent of the overall amount of wage debts in province.

Current Khatlon’s wage debts amount to 3.5 million somoni.  “12 of 24 cities and districts of Khatlon province now do not have wage debts,” Saydaliyev added.