QURHGON TEPPA, February 21, 2012, Asia-Plus  -- The Vakhsh prosecutor’s office has appealed against 12 decisions by ex-chairman of the Vakhsh district, Khatlon province related to allotment of lands.

Yusufjon Yusufzoda, a chief prosecutor in the Vakhsh district, says the government has allotted 413 hectares of lands to the Vakhsh district and inspections have revealed that the ex-chairman of the district have allotted 226 ha to 1,726 people by December 2011.  “All the decisions were illegal because they were made without resolution of the public commission for allotment of lands,” the prosecutor said.

Abduvakil Siamardov, head of the Saburzoda Farm, has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of illegal allotment of lands to two local residents.  Two other residents of this district are suspected of land grabbing, Yusufzoda added.