The Abuabdullo Rudaki Kulob State University will host the first ever IT forum “Digital Youth of Khatlon Province”.

The overall goal of the forum, which is due to open today, is to make the youth more active in terms of the use of IT for the development of different sectors of the Tajik society.

The event was organized by the “Youth of 21st century” public organization in collaboration with the Kulob State University, Kulob Youth and Culture Center and Megafon Tajikistan mobile provider. Financial support to the forum is provided by Open Society Institute – Assistance Fund in Tajikistan.

The forum will bring together nearly 100 students, teachers and young activists from Khatlon area.

More than 20 of them will present their projects on implementation of IT and communication technologies for the development of various sectors of society, including the use of IT in the media sector, health and education sectors.

Authors of three best ideas will be awarded prizes by the organizational committee and will have an opportunity to take part in the International Social Innovation Camp, which is due in May 2012 in Kazakhstan.