In the new academic year the Tajik Islamic Institute is planning to introduce a credit-based education system. Other universities of Dushanbe tried to do that four years ago.

In his interview with AP pro-rector for International Relations of the Islamic Institute Sulaimon Davlatov said that the institute decided not to introduce this credit-based education system having no preparatory base that would allow students to study in compliance with this system.

“We are currently train our specialists to introduce this system and are designing a new curriculum,” he said.

In September 2008 other universities of the country introduced credit-based education system for one group from each faculty without any preliminary preparations.

Tajik Education Ministry claimed that “credit-based education system will let national education programs get international acknowledgement, improve academic mobility of students and teachers and will improve the quality of education services and ensure continuity of all levels and steps of higher and post-graduate education. In general, credit-based education system allows to assess levels, steps, academic degrees of republics in corresponding manner. Credit-based education system is a way of organization of education process that allows students to design the sequence of education path.”

However, these four years did not allow Tajik universities to completely turn to the credit-based education system. Tajik Education Ministry now claims that this process is hindered by lack of funds, teachers and classes.