Starting yesterday, August 19, there were problems accessing the "Asia Plus" portal through the and asiaplus.tjdomains. Many readers of our website complain that they can't access it even through a VPN.

We started to deal it. It turned out that an error unexpectedly appeared in the technical record for our DNS server - 0 (zero) is written in the word “cloudflare” instead of the letter “o”. It looks similar, but in fact all the traffic that goes to our website does not get to it now.

We have contacted our ISP for clarification. ISP, in turn, informed the government agency that regulates the TJ domain zone, a unit of the Communications Service, about the error.

This morning we also called this department and asked for a comment about the problem. They promised us to correct error this afternoon.

Meanwhile, our spare domain - available through a VPN. Until this technical error is not resolved, you can use it. And also our channel in Telegram and Viber

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