Authorities in Tajikistan are piling on more pressure on the country’s last remaining semi-independent and locally owned news outlet by evicting it from the premises out of which it has operated for two decades, according to Eurasianet.

Asia-Plus media holding last month received a notice that it will be required to vacate two floors in the state-owned Newspaper and Magazine Complex, known as GZhK, by January.  The space houses the publication’s editorial offices, where print, online and radio content are produced, as well as its advertising and accounting departments.

GZhK is run specifically by President’s Executive Office. 

The permanence of Asia-Plus’ presence has never been entirely certain. Despite its lease only being renewed on a yearly basis, the holding company last year ventured to implement a major overhaul of its offices – all effort that will now have proved in vain.

The space now occupied by Asia-Plus will instead be handed over to the Khovar state-run news agency, whose old premises are being demolished.  

GZhK management has advised the evicted media holding to relocate to the 13th floor of the same building.