After returning from Tokyo Olympics, Tajik known judoka Somon Mahmadbekov, his brother Mahmadbek Mahmadbekov, who is also strong judoka, and their father and coach Moyonsho Mahmadbekov have visited the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO).

GBAO Governor Yodgor Fayzov has received them, according to the GAABO administration press center.

During the meeting, the governor, in particular, noted that the Mahmadbekov family are the pride of the country because with their successful participation in world competitions they raised the status of Tajikistan.  

Fayzov separately noted Somon’s performance at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, saying that it was commendable. 

The Mahmadbekov family, for their part, said that they want to open the judo school in the region.   

Moyonsho Mahmadbekov said he and his sons intend to build a gym and judo school for teens and youth in the region and provide it with professional coaches.  

GBAO governor has welcomed their initiative and proposed them to meet with fans of this sport in the region.  

The Mahmadbekov family live Russia’s Irkutsk Oblast.  Somon competes at international sports events for Tajikistan, while his brother Mahmadbek represents the Russian Federation.  Their uncle Ergash Mahmadbekov is a known judoka coach.  He heads the Federation of Judo and Sambo of Irkutsk City and is the member of the member of the Public Chamber under the Governor of the Irkutsk Oblast.  

Somon Mahmadbekov won gold medal finishing first in the 73kg category at the World U-21 Judo Championships that was held in Marrakech, Morocco, and bronze medal at the Osaka Grand Slam 2019, finishing third in the 73kg weight category.  Besides, he won silver medal for Tajikistan at the 2021 Asian Judo Championships, finishing second in the 73kg weight category.