In some Tajik universities unvaccinated applicants they are not admitted to the entrance exams.

Thus, in the Tajik State Institute of Languages named after Sotim Ulughzoda, when accepting documents for admission applicants are required to be vaccinated against coronavirus, otherwise, documents are not accepted.  

“If an applicant is vaccinated and he/she has a vaccination certificate on him/her, we accept his/her documents without questions.  The unvaccinated applicants, if they do not have contraindications and illness, then they will first have to get the vaccine at their polyclinic,” representative of the institute told Asia-Plus in an interview.   

The deadline for the first acceptance of documents ended on August 5 and all applicants who came reportedly got a coronavirus vaccine. 

Asia-Plus has failed to get in touch with the Ministry of Education and Science to find out if this decision is legal.

Meanwhile, by decision issued by Tajikistan's Standing Committee on COVID-19 unvaccinated drivers of public transport are not allowed to work.  

A representative of the State Unitary Enterprise (SUE) Dushanbenagliyokhdamotrason (Dushanbe public transport service) has confirmed that unvaccinated drivers of public transports are not allowed to work in Dushanbe  

“All drivers of public transport in Dushanbe must be vaccinated against coronavirus,” Mansour Rahmon, a spokesman of Dushanbenagliyokhdamotrason, told Asia-Plus in an interview.    

According to him, 98 percent of drivers and employees of Dushanbe public transport service have been vaccinated to date.  “The remaining 2 percent are people having various diseases,” Rahmon said

There are about 5,000 drivers of public transport working in Dushanbe and a total number of employees of the Dushanbe public transport service is 700 people.