Dust storm will cover many regions of Tajikistan on September 10-11. In addition, in some areas of the republic, winds are expected to increase up to 15-20 m/s, reports the Agency for Hydrometeorology of the Republic.

 Dust storms penetrating the country from the southwest will cover the cities of Khatlon region - Bokhtar, Kulyab, Nurek, Dangara, Yavan, Vose, Panj, Farkhor, Dusti, and cities and regions of republican subordination: Dushanbe, Vakhdat, Gissar, Tursunzade, Rudaki, noted in the message.

 During this period, haze will remain in the regions of republican subordination and in Khatlon..

Forecasters warn about air pollution with suspended particles and particles of 10 microns in size (Pm-10), Рм-2,5 (Pm-2,5).

 The Agency recommends citizens to refrain from frequent daytime walks on the streets, especially near roads with heavy traffic, during field and construction work, as well as when traveling.