Russian carriers have reduced the cost of air travel from Tajikistan to Russia, while domestic - Somon Air - has not.

In Tajikistan, tensions over the purchase of air tickets to Russia are gradually disappearing.  The reason for this was an increase in flights and a decrease in ticket prices by Russian airlines.

Domestic airline "Somon Air" has not yet reduced tariffs, but passengers no longer buy it (as, indeed, other companies) tickets for 10-12 thousand somoni as it was in the spring and early summer.

Long queues at air ticket offices also disappeared.

And recently, the Russian company Ural Airlines announced a 40% reduction in ticket prices, while UTair and S7 Airlines announced discounts.

Today you can fly from Russia to Dushanbe for 2-2.5 thousand somoni. The migrant Akhror Yunusov from the Rudaki region was convinced of this. «I flew from Moscow on September 12, bought a ticket for 14 thousand Russian rubles», - said Yunusov.

Changes in tariffs for Russian flights occurred after Russia introduced regular flights instead of charter.

Officially, today the minimum price for tickets to Russia (from Russian companies) has dropped to 3,400 somoni. However, having called several ticket offices, we did not find tickets for this money. The ticket offices said that the cost of tickets starts from 5,300 to 7,600 somoni, depending on the time of departure and the direction of the route.

But there is still a decrease - previously, tickets officially cost about 5,500 somoni, but in reality - 8.10 and even 12 thousand somoni.

The single tariff of Somon Air, as before, is officially 6,500 somoni, but tickets for urgent flights are more expensive.

The Russian side resumed regular flights to Tajikistan from August 27, and now all comers have access to flights on routes from Dushanbe, Khujand and Kulyab to Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as 17 other Russian cities.

Prices for air tickets to Dubai, Istanbul and Tashkent have not changed.