The Ministry of Health is actively working on this issue.

Rumors began to appear in Tajik society that children will soon begin to be massively vaccinated against coronavirus. Asia-Plus contacted Navruz Jafarov, the head of the epidemiological service of the Ministry of Health, and found out if this is so.

According to Jafarov, at the moment, the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan is indeed actively discussing the issue of vaccination of children against coronavirus..

However, he did not say when exactly the vaccination will begin. 

The age of children who may be vaccinated has not yet been determined..

As well as the vaccine, which they plan to vaccinate children in Tajikistan.

WHO recently recognized that children and adolescents can be vaccinated against coronavirus. 

Earlier it was reported that there is still no sufficient data on the use of vaccines against COVID-19 for this population, but in the updated WHO recommendations it is noted:

«Children and adolescents tolerate COVID-19 more easily than adults. Therefore, if they are not at risk, they should be vaccinated less urgently than the elderly and healthcare workers. And children from 12 to 15 years old, from a high-risk group, along with other priority citizens, can be offered vaccinations from Pfizer and BionTech».