According to him, thus, the name of "the aggressor and villain Alexander the Great", "who shed the blood of the Persians" will disappear from the map of the country.

Abdulmajid Dostiev, former deputy speaker of the Tajik parliament and ex-ambassador of Tajikistan to Russia, proposed to rename Lake Iskanderkul to Kuli Rahmon or Rakhmonkul.

 This was suggested in a letter of thanks to President Emomali Rahmon, which was published in the newspaper "USSR".

The politician substantiates his proposal for two main reasons: firstly, in the history of Tajiks, not one of the kings, emirs and other leaders devoted their lives to the protection and stability of the country like Emomali Rahmon.

Secondly, he notes, "the name of the aggressor and villain, Alexander the Great, will disappear from the map of our beloved homeland".

"Now that I have no other authority but to be a representative of the nation, I ask you to accept my proposal and rename the lake after the real son of the nation - Kuli Rakhmon or Rakhmonkul instead of Iskanderkul", - writes Dostiev.