A mobile application with which migrants in Russia will be able to draw up documents and look for work is planned to be launched in 2022, said Deputy Prime Minister Aleksey Overchuk,  writes RBC.

With the help of this application, a person will be able to find out if he has any restrictions on entry into Russia. If there are no restrictions, then he will be able to use a number of other services.

«If earlier he lived and worked in Russia, he probably has both SNILS and TIN, if not, they will be issued to him. Then they can already look for work, contact the employer», — said Overchuk.

He admitted that using the application it will also be possible to register.

At the same time, not all services in this application will be associated with government services, the Deputy Prime Minister continued..

«Most likely, this will be a digital public-private partnership - private services will also be presented, for example, buying health insurance or finding and renting a home», — he noted.

The development of a mobile application for migrants became known in June last year. It will be created within the framework of a unified information platform for accounting and notification.