Torrential rain on June 20 caused a series of mudflows in Tajikistan.  No injured was reported, according to the Emergencies Committee under the Government of Tajikistan.

Khuroson district in Khatlon province was reportedly most affected.  Mudflows reportedly completely destroyed three houses in Ghallaobod jamoat and damaged power transmission lines, roads and water supply system in the area. 

Specialists and special machines were sent to Khuroson district for disaster relief.   

In Roudaki district, mudflows damaged in some places the road running from Ishqobod village in Esanboy jamoat to the district’s administrative center, Somoniyon.  

The mudflows also partially damaged four houses in Ishqobod and Chagan villages and killed a couple of head of cattle in Pistamazoz and Shouriyon villages. 

In Devashtich district of Sughd province, mudflows damaged several household plots and agricultural lands in Basmanva, Metk and Darkhon villages, as well as rural roads and 150 meters of irrigation canal, an official source within the Emergencies Committee told Asia-Plus.