Russia media reports say Moscow police have busted a group involved in counterfeiting migration documents.  Fraudsters have reportedly “helped” 3,000 foreigners to illegally enter the Russian capital.   

 RGRU reported on August 25 that Irina Volk, a spokeswoman for the Russian Interior Ministry, says “organizers of this illegal migration center were natives of the near abroad.”  

They have reportedly counterfeited migration documents such as migration cards, driver’s licenses, patents, and stamps.   

Police officers have reportedly confiscated office equipment as well as counterfeit date stamps on crossing the border of Russia, seals of Russian state bodies and 280 280 blank migration forms with marks on crossing the border of the Russian Federation.  

Besides, they discovered more than one million Russian rubles, allegedly obtained as a result of illegal acts.   

Four members of this organized group, aged 27 to 37, have helped about 3,000 foreigners to illegally enter the country, the Russia Interior Ministry spokeswoman was quoted as saying.  

“Three of them have been given a measure of restraint in the form of detention, and one under house arrest.  An investigation is under way,| says a statement released by the Russian Investigative Committee’s office in Moscow.  

Besides, 18 migrants have been brought to administrative responsibility for violation of the order of stay in Russia.