Schools in the Khovaling district of the Khatlon region and in the Aini district of the Sughd region will be named after Shukhratjon Najmiddinov and Hiradmand Usmonzoda, officers who died during the September clashes on the Tajik-Kyrgyz border.

In particular, the deputies of the local assembly of the Jamoat Jombakht, at a meeting with the directors of educational institutions of the Khovaling district, proposed to give the name of Shukhratjon Najmiddinov to school No. 15 in the village of Darai Mukhtor. This was announced by Umar Sitamov, director of the school.

«Now local deputies have sent their proposal to the district majlis», - he said.

33-year-old Shukhratjon Najmiddinov was from the Khovaling district. Before his death, he was the deputy head of the police department for the city of Isfara, and on September 16 he died on the Tajik-Kyrgyz border. He had three children.

School No. 27 in the village of Vashan, Ayni district, is also planned to be named after Hiradmand Usmonzoda, another officer who died in the border conflict.

This was announced by the head of the jamoat Urmetan district Aini Aligul Kadyrov.

«There is such a proposal, and we hope that it will be accepted by the relevant authorities», - he said.

Hiradmand Usmonzoda, 28, was also killed in the September border conflict, he had a two year old son.