A high-level delegation from the government of Tajikistan visited Turkiye from November 27 to December 2 to strengthen cooperation and to exchange experience and best practices on health financing and primary health care, according to the European Union (EU) Delegation to Tajikistan.  The trip was organized under the EU-funded project by the WHO.

The meetings reportedly built strategic partnerships between the two countries, supporting the further implementation of the health financing reforms in Tajikistan in line with the National Strategy on Healthcare up to 2030.

This visit was significant to the health reform agenda of Tajikistan.  Turkiye has extensive experience with health system reforms.  Both countries reportedly aim to make available essential health services to the population, without impoverishing or catastrophic payments: Universal Health Coverage.

Universal health coverage means that all people have access to the health services they need, when and where they need them, without financial hardship.  It includes the full range of essential health services, from health promotion to prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliative care.

The exchanges and discussions between the delegation of Tajikistan and Turkiye reportedly identified best practices as to how to structure health financing, including payment schemes, to achieve this common goal.  Primary health care plays a crucial role in any efficient health system and is therefore focused on during the visit.

In Ankara, the delegation met with high-level representatives of Turkish governmental institutions, which are key to the provision of healthcare in Turkiye. 

The delegation was led by First Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Population Dr. Gafur Muhsinzoda and its members included the Head of the Social Development Department of the Executive Office of the President of Tajikistan Ms. Guljahon Abdufattohzoda, Deputy Minister on Economic Development and Trade Ms. Rukhshona Nasriddinzoda, Deputy Minister of Finance Mr. Sarvar Qurboniyon and Deputy Minister of Labor, Migration and Employment, Mr. Nurullo Mahmadullozoda.

The delegation members also included representatives from various key departments in each of the abovementioned Ministries, the Agency on Social Insurance and Pensions, and the Finance Departments of Sughd Province and Kathlon Province.  The delegation was supported by representatives from key partner organizations and WHO experts on health financing.