The Global Gender Gap Index notes this year, Tajikistan with 0.663 score ranks 114th among 146 nations in terms of gender equality. 

The analysis presented in the Global Gender Gap Report 2022 is based on a methodology integrating the latest statistics from international organizations and a survey of executives.

The Global Gender Gap Index benchmarks the current state and evolution of gender parity across four key dimensions: 1) economic participation and opportunity; 2) educational attainment; 3) health and survival; and 4) political empowerment.

In terms of economic participation and opportunity, Tajikistan is in the 107th place; education attainment – in the 117th place; health and survival – in the 84th place; and political empowerment – in the 109th place.    

As far as other Central Asia’s nations are concerned, the Global Gender Gap Index ranks Kazakhstan 65th and Kyrgyzstan 86th, respectively.     

The Global Gender Gap Report 2022 does not provide information about Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.  

This year, the Global Gender Gap Index benchmarks 146 countries, providing a basis for robust cross-country analysis.  Of these, a subset of 102 countries have been represented in every edition of the index since 2006

Across the 146 countries covered by the 2022 index, the health and survival gender gap has reportedly closed by 95.8%, educational attainment by 94.4%, economic participation and opportunity by 60.3% and political empowerment by 22%.

In Central Asia, overall progress in closing the gender gap is unchanged from the last edition, at 69.1%.  At this pace, it would take 152 years to close the regional gender gap, according to the report.  In 2022, Central Asia reports the fourth-highest regional score out of the eight regions, just after North America, Europe, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

The report says that in Central Asia, Moldova (78.8%), Belarus (75%) and Georgia (73.1%) are the three top-ranked countries in this region, while Azerbaijan (68.7%), Tajikistan (66.3%) and Turkey (63.9%) rank at the bottom.