Tajikistan will send humanitarian aid and 50 rescuers to the quake-hit regions of Turkiye today night, Ms. Umeda Yusufi, a spokeswoman for the Emergencies Committee under the Government of Tajikistan, told Asia-Plus Wednesday afternoon.  

According to her, the rescue team to help eliminate the consequences of earthquake in Turkiye is gathering at the Emergencies Committee’s rescue base in Luchob.

“The humanitarian aid and rescue equipment are also being delivered to the rescue base and a truck convoy carrying humanitarian aid and rescue equipment will move to the airport at 24:00,” the Emergencies Committee spokeswoman said.   

As reported, the rescue team members include highly-skilled rescuers, surgeon and a doctor of traumatology.   

The rescue team and the humanitarian aid will be carried to Turkiye by a plane of Turkish Airlines, the national flag carrier airline of Turkiye.   

The departure time was not announced, but it is known that according to the flight schedule, this airline operates flight from Dushanbe to Turkiye at 3:00 am.   

Recall, the Embassy of Turkiye in Dushanbe on February 7 announced collecting help for the quake victims in Turkiye.

Request to those who want to help the earthquake victims, please send the below-mentioned things to the Embassy of Turkiye in Dushanbe by the address: 17/2 Roudaki Avenue, Dushanbe.  If possible, please bring things in transparent bags with a list of contents

You can call the embassy regarding the assistance to the quake victims by the following phone numbers: 487024100 and 487024108.

Media reports say the number of victims in Turkey and Syria continues to climb quickly more than 48 hours after earthquakes leveled cities and towns in the two countries.

The Washington Post reported on February 8 that the combined toll death toll surpassed 9,600 people on Wednesday, making it the world’s deadliest earthquake disaster in over a decade.

According to The Washington Post, Turkish officials reported Wednesday that 6,957 people died and 38,224 were injured.

The Tajik Embassy in Ankara told Asia-Plus Tuesday morning that there are were no Tajiks among the dead and injured as of February 7.   

The Tajik Embassy has also launched a hotline for nationals of Tajikistan staying in the provinces hit by Monday’s  devastating earthquake: + 90 312 491 16 07; + 90 538 594 32 10 (WhatsApp).