Oishamo Abdulloyeva, the mother of self-exiled opposition leader Sharofiddin Gadoyev, told Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service on October 12 that Farkhor district authorities cut off electricity to her house a day earlier over her son's political activities in Europe.

"They told me 'Your son criticized the president [Emomali Rahmon] in Germany and we got an order from above,” Abdulloyeva said.

Self-exiled Tajik activists reportedly said earlier that their relatives were under pressure after Central Asian activists pelted the car of President Emomali Rahmon with eggs while he was in Berlin for talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in late September.

Sharofiddin Gadoyev has been wanted in Tajikistan since 2013 on suspicion of smuggling and document forgery.

Sharofiddin Gadoyev

In March 2015, Gadoyev was elected as the leader of Group 24, days after its founding leader and Gadoyev's cousin, Umarali Quvvatov, was shot dead in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Tajik authorities banned Group 24 as extremist after it called on Tajiks to participate in antigovernment protests in Dushanbe in 2014.

At least three people were sentenced to lengthy prison terms in Tajikistan in 2015 after being convicted of belonging to Group 24.

After the split in Group 24, Gadoyev created a new movement in the Netherlands called “Reforms and Development in Tajikistan.”

He said at the time that his new movement's goal was to establish a "free and democratic society in Tajikistan."

The movement became member of the National Alliance of Tajikistan, which is led Muhiddin Kabiri, the chairman of the banned Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan.  

The National Alliance of Tajikistan is an opposition coalition consisting of four Tajik dissident parties and organizations: the Forum of Tajik Freethinkers, the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT), the Association of Central Asian Migrants, and the People's Movement "Reforms and Development in Tajikistan".

The Alliance reportedly represents a broad section of Tajik society, including secular and traditional figures, and is based in Poland.