The main music event of this year is getting closer – the gala concert with participation of the winners of the Tarona Music Award 2023 will be held at the Kokhi Surush concert hall on December 21, starting time: 5.00 pm.    

Seventeen singers, whose songs the Asia-Plus listeners loved most, have been selected as winners for this year year’s Tarona Music Award.  These are not only recognized Tajik pop masters, but also rising stars of Tajikistan.  

Among them are: Safarmuhammad; Farangis Dunyo; Jamshed Ismoilov; Shahlo Hafizova; Shabnam Sobiri; Jahongir Zaripov; Fotima Mashrabova; Yosmin Davlatova; Valijon Azizov; Mino Bahrulloyeva; Muboriz Usmonov; Zulaikho Mahmadshoyeva; Mehrinigori Rustam; Madina Aqnazarova; Jonibek Murodov; Nigina Amonqulova; and of course Farrukh Hasanov.  

There were a lot of singers who wanted to become winners of the Tarona Music Award, but not every song may meet the selection criteria. 

Only the most popular songs of the year, the songs that are in rotation of Asia-Plus Radio as well as the songs that are not “covers” on other performers, are included on the list.  

Recall, Taron Music Award is a new version of Surudi Sol Music Award.  

The first ceremony of Asia-Plus Radio’s Surudi Sol Music Award was held at the Kokhi Borbad State Complex under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan in the far year of 2003.

The president personally came to the ceremony together with members of the government and parliament and even sang the song “Gushai Bom” on stage together with a famous pop singer Sorojiddin Fozilov.  

And the day of the ceremony – May 23 – the president, right in the hall, declared the Day of Youth of Tajikistan,  which has been celebrated in the country ever since.

By the way, this year, Asia-Plus has taken preparations for the Tatona Music Award ceremony even more seriously and invited specialists – the lighting designers – from abroad.  Everything is so that the audience can comfortably enjoy the songs of their favorite singers. 

If you have not yet purchased a ticket, you can do so on the website


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