A court in Rasht district (Rasht Valley in eastern Tajikistan) has imposed a fine of 11,560 somonis on local man.

The court’s official website says the sentence has followed his conviction on charges child abuse.    

According to the case materials, the man, not finding money at home, severely beat his four children.  Out of fear, the children reportedly ran away to their relatives. 

The examination showed that, indeed, he beat the children and inflicted wounds on them that took about three weeks to heal.   

The man reportedly admitted his guilt, expressed regret and asked the court not to impose severe punishment on him since he is the father of 14 children and supports his family alone. 

He was found guilty under Article 174 of Tajikistan’s Criminal Code -- failure to fulfill obligations to train and educate a minor. 

The court reported imposed a fine of 13,600 somonis on him.  However, taking into account the fact that the accused spent seven days in pre-trial detention, the court decided to reduce the fine to 11,560 somonis.